PeachQuest on Radio Berkshire

Reading Phoenix Choir have been featured regularly on BBC Radio Berkshire on Saturday mornings over the past month. On October 20th a team of four members (Alice Watson, Lorna Jones, Heidi Bignell and Chris Riley) took part in PeachQuest with Andrew Peach, a bit like Challenge Anneka from the 90s but on the radio, where the team has to guess five clues to win a giant peach. We sent the roving reporter all over west Berkshire and south Oxfordshire in our quest, and although we guessed all five clues correctly, traffic in Newbury held us back from getting to the peach in time. We may have failed in the quest, but we had a great time, and it was a wonderful opportunity to talk about our 50th Anniversary celebrations and concerts.

A couple of weeks later, on Saturday 10th November, we were ourselves a clue on PeachQuest, as our Armistice Concert at St Laurence’s Church was featured. Our Chair, Chris Riley, had to wait patiently for over an hour outside the church listening to the quest team get waylaid by poor directions in Reading town centre, but it was fun to be on the other side of the clues! Keep an ear out for any future appearances!

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