2016/17 – 48th Season


  • The Voronezh Male Voice Choir from Russia joined the choir for the Chadlington concert.“As the familiar refrain of Bogoroditse Devo reached its peak , a sudden and visceral wave of Russian male voices thundered across the church. This was quite unlike any other choir I have sung with and we all then knew that the evening was going to be quite special. What an amazing sound they made. All the Russian stereotypes of almost sub-sonic basses and supersonic tenors were there in full fidelity. As the concert progressed, the power, control and variety of the choir were deeply impressive. Phoenix had some real competition to contend with, so in our second half, we also raised our game – it was becoming a sing-off!
  • Much to everybody’s dismay, the choir were ‘bounced’ by a double booking from singing the Brahms Requiem at St Paul’s Church in Covent Garden. However the Brandenburg Festival organisers managed to find us another but less interesting venue at St John’s Church ‘near’ Hyde Park.  The concert was conducted by David Crown who returned for a one off event.
  • Mini Tour of Sussex, including Brighton and Worthing


  • Crucifixus – Celebrating 350 years since the birth of Lotti , we sang both the 6 and 8 part pieces
  • The choir were introduced to the wonders of the Howells Requiem

CHAIRMAN   Gill Leishmann


24 September 2016 – St Laurence’s Church, Reading
15 October 2016 – St Nicholas Church, Chadlington
12 November 2016 – Brandenburg Choral Festival, St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden
03 December 2016 – St Nicholas Church, Newbury
10 December 2016 – Reading Minster, Reading (Carol Concert)
28 January 2017 – St Michael in the Northgate, Oxford
25 February 2017 – Annual Concert, Reading Concert Hall
25 March 2017 – St Bartholemew’s Church, Lower Basildon
10 June 2017 – Methodist Church, Wokingham
24 June 2017 – St John’s Churcg, Hartley Witney
15th July – Come and Sing, Reading Minster